Cineglitch Entertainment is a boutique multimedia company focusing on diverse, character-driven stories with broad market appeal. It was created by Producer Ken Morris to positively impact people's lives through the creative act of storytelling.


Upcoming Projects

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The Allnighter - Fall 2018

When an astrophysics student working towards his PhD loses priceless research to an auto theft, he makes a bargain with a woman at a local pawn shop in order to get it back. Seeking to resolve issues from the past, Belle drags Terence to the desert where the two unwittingly play integral roles in healing old wounds -- inspiring deliverance. 



The Fare [El Viaje] - Spring 2019

A young man in a smuggling gang comes face-to-face with the realities of his actions when he's asked to transport a girl from his same hometown in Ecuador. Based on true events, The Fare is a feature-length dramatic thriller set in the overlapping worlds of human trafficking and undocumented immigration. Starring Johnny Ortiz (American Crime, Soy Nero) and Written/Directed by Santiago Paladines.