Hnifur on Indiegogo

Hey friends!

I wanted to share my latest short film Hnifur with you.  Hnifur is a suspense-thriller about a women who comes face-to-face with a childhood fear/curse after her husband is violently attacked while on a business trip.

Hnifur is being produced through the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women which promotes gender equality in Hollywood by providing educational opportunities and career support to working female directors.  The woman I’m working with, Bella Monticelli-McTiernan, is a commercial director from the UK and also wrote our short film.  Hnifur is her first big push into narrative.

Please consider contributing to our Indiegogo campaign.  Only 9% of directors were women in the top 250 films last year, yet women makeup 50% of the audience.  Even as a producer, I’ve had crew members quit because they wouldn’t work with a female director or cinematographer.  In 2015 how is this even possible?  By supporting our film with a donation, you're helping make Hollywood a more equal place for everyone, men and women alike.  More people working means more stories being told; more voices being heard.  

Won't you help us make this movie?