Chance Fashion Show August 2013

Krystina and I went to the Chance Fashion Show here in Seattle a few nights ago.  I must say it's a pretty cool concept.  Chance is sort of an entry platform for fashion designers and models wanting to build their careers.  It's a monthly event apart of AMDEF (which stands for Art Music Dance Entertainment Fashion) and gives a platform to creatives that otherwise might be locked out of a very exclusive industry.  

I've been wanting to expand my fashion and portrait portfolio so I brought my camera to snap a few shots and do some networking while I was there.  This was my first time shooting runway and I did not expect to have such difficulty with the lighting.  I'm usually an available-light-kind-of-guy and shooting the Chance Fashion Show made me realize I seriously need a proper flash and some off-camera umbrellas or something.  

My GH3 performed very well shooting wide open (which was 3.5/5.6 on my zoom lens) and 3200 ISO (def grainy but not distracting) but the problem was in part my angle and the flat lighting on the stage.  Good for our eyes, not for cameras.

There were a couple of dudes there shooting with pretty nice setups and used the time before the start of the show to network and shoot portraits of the models.  I will most definitely do that next time. 

Anyway, these are the shots that turned out and while they aren't traditional runway photography I'm extremely happy with the results.