Minimalism at the Oregon Coast

In between all my traveling recently, Krystina and I took a few days to drive from Los Angeles to Seattle along PCH and US Highway 101, two of the most beautiful highways in America.  You truly get to see what a dynamic landscape we live in.  We stopped and played around on the Oregon Coast and while it wasn't the explosion of sunshine that is LA, it was beautiful nonetheless.  

I think It's a nice example of minimalist photography.  The thick fog and overcast weather made for some interesting experiments with depth and distance.  I could've shot there all day long but alas, we needed to get moving.  

I'm uploading these to Etsy so if you'd like to make a purchase head to  I also have additional work available for purchase there and as always, if you see something that you like that isn't listed, please email me directly and I'll happily have it printed for you.