RatCity ArtCity Follow-Up

Last week I had my first gallery showing at the RatCity ArtCity Art Walk.  GNU Organics down in White Center hosted seven of my pieces.  It was an awesome experience.  I really like the guys who run the place.  You can tell they really care a lot.  

The art walk was just so much fun.  Really a wide range of talent.  I noticed a lot of the artists doing mixed-media and multiple formats.  I love that kind of stuff.  One artist did these incredible oil paintings in a 19th century romantic style but overlaid them with images of designer fashion logos.  Real cool effect.

Of the seven pieces I chose four were more traditional shots (albeit abstract).  The other three were glitchographs (glitch art panoramas???).  Aside - I'm still figuring out what to call this style.  Glitchography?  Glitch Art?  I guess it's interchangeable but my manager suggested I pick one term and stick with it.

People really responded well to my work.  It felt so good to be there and talk with people and be able to engage with them and find out what they like or don't like.  I even had my first sale at the art walk.  It was the photo titled "Mobile Home" (check it out in the gallery below or onFlickr).

I'm definitely going to participate in all the future art walks if I can.