Abstract Reality

I'm really falling in love with glitch art. Like I mentioned before I use the iPhone 5 in panorama mode and then "draw" with it. The phone stitches images together as best it can so you're able to twist it and move with it.  


There's something about glitch art that I absolutely love. It's not that they're imperfect, rather that they ARE perfect. Exactly as they should be. Yes, it's an abstraction of reality but aren't all photos an abstraction of reality?

Glitch Art 034

As photographers we don't capture moments - we borrow them. That brief fraction of a second when the shutter flips open, exposes the sensor (or film) and then closes again doesn't freeze time. Time still passes by. Just like it always has. Just like it always will. A photo is an echo. A reverberation. It's a rough approximation of what once was.


Photojournalism is important.  I want to emphasize that.  Especially conflict photography and images exposing corruption or the plight of the disenfranchised.  What reporters are doing in Syria, in Haiti, Africa, wherever, is absolutely necessary and absolutely commendable.  They gots them some guts.  But I don't believe photojournalism is any better at capturing "truth" because there isn't one.  There isn't a universal Truth but instead, many truths, many stories, and many perspectives.

What I love about abstract photography and glitch art in particular is that it doesn't claim to represent "truth."  It's perspective.  How I see the world.  It lets go of the moment that once was and provides a new moment for the viewer to share.  It's you and the artwork whether that's photography, painting, sculpture, dance, whatever.

Abstract art isn't about defining; it's about redefining over and over and over.

Reach for your dreams

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.