Kick Off

Hey world.  I'm trying out the photo blog to keep up with some of my activities around Seattle.  Currently I'm shooting with a Panasonic GH3 and primarily a 20mm f/1.7.  I have a few other speciality lenses like a pinhole, Holga, c-mount, minoltas.  I also shoot a lot with my iPhone 5.

Shooting street photography is an interesting experience.  It teaches me to pay attention to details that might otherwise have gotten looked over.  I like the pacing of it.  You don't get three hours in a studio.  Just whatever crosses your path.  A shot comes and goes in an instant.  You have to be ready.  Focused.  Zen.  At least that's what it is for me.

I'd love feedback on the site and the photography.  Check out my Flickr to see the full sets and some of my older work.  

Cafe in Freemont

Who are these people?

I like patterns