Filmmaking Portfolio:

The following are projects that were written, produced, and/or directed by Ken Morris over the last ten+ years working in the entertainment industry. It is a mix of content ranging from early school-based work to the most recent, professional projects. For access to any password-protected material, please contact us directly

Directed by Michael Oshins.

Satisfaction Guaranteed (2016) - short
Writer, Producer

Directed by Yue Ma.

The Missing Knife (2015) - short

Directed by Bella Monticelli-McTiernan.

Directed by Diane Bell.

Jury Prize (Nominated) - Sundance Film Festival (2010)
Excellence in Cinematography - Sundance Film Festival (2010)
Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize - Sundance Film Festival (2010)
Juried Best Feature - Ashland Independent Film Festival (2010)
Alfed P. Sloan 2010 Grantees. TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund (2010)

Real Nigga (2015) - short

Directed by Jackson Young.

Dummy (2015) - short

Directed by Nasos Gatzoulis.

Butterflies (2014) - short
Producer, Director

Her Collection (2015) - short

Directed by Rosita Lama Muvdi.

Zombie Love (2008) - feature
Writer, Director, Producer

Blood Oranges (2011) - short
Writer, Director, Producer

Firebreather (2007) - short
Producer, Director

Honest Abe (2007) - short
Producer, Director